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The things that are happening today are so eye opening because they are parallel to what it was like for me so many years ago. I see so many black and brown men and women and indigenous people being killed and brutalized by police officers that are showing no regard for the law and the life of others. This goes back to how they are being trained, and how society is becoming tolerant of these incidents. Also some of the attorney generals and police unions are giving them a false sense of security that it’s ok that you can beat up people, you can shoot people of color, you can brutalize people of color, and we will back you up. Some, not all of them, are fighting for these rogue officers in court so that they can get away with it. You see what’s taking place, are these police officers have a pistol on their side, they are loaded with bullets, they are wearing their Kevlar vests, they have their blackjacks, they have their tasers, they have batons, and they have their spray and they’re attacking unarmed citizens, and then saying well, we were afraid. They are packed and stacked like a superhero. The only thing that is missing is a cape on their backs, and they have all these weapons on them. With all this weaponry they are supposed to serve and protect. Then why are they killing people of color for seemingly no real reasons at all or minor reasons such as class d or class e felonies? Why so much blue on black crimes? Why?